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I draw horses. It's what I do.Oh I can draw lots of things, I just draw horses best.

My sisters and I had imaginary Horse Shows in our backyard  growing up  in Chicago..and we would whinny out the car window at horses whenever we saw one! Typical? Probably. We  grew up riding Saddlebreds at Parkway Stables and in the Summers  we rode horses wherever we could! My Senior year at Syracuse University  School of Art  I bought my first Saddlebred..no one could stop me then!

I had  a job at Hallmark Cards  waiting for me after graduation,so I lived in Kansas City and worked at Hallmark for a few years until the lure of the West (and my best friend) convinced me to move to Telluride Colorado, where I opened "Riding High Stable-The Un-Stable". Then I moved to Denver and worked at The Capital Horseman Newspaper as Art Director/Advertising Manger, and then  the Arabian Horse Journal.

It was in Denver in 1976 that I bought "Majestic Mountain Stonewall", a beautiful 2 year old Saddlebred gelding....and together he made all my childhood dreams come true! I trained and showed "Magic" and in 1980  we won the National Western Pleasure Grand Championship and went on to win both the International Western Pleasure Grand Championship,and the Sidesaddle Championship too. We were undefeatable that year! What a team. This was as far as we could go back then..no Shatner Classes or World Championship Western Classes...but i know we could have won those too!

In the '80's I moved to Massachusetts  and by 1990 "Polly Produx" began whole-heartedly setting up at Horse shows selling my "stuff."  I was partners with my silk-screener Advanced Print Tech. becoming " APT/Polly Produx" from1994-1999 and then went on my own with " Polly Paintbrush.".          

My sister Jean is  a Painter/ Artist and my sister Katharine wrote the "Angelina Ballerina" Books.......and this is what I've been doing.

I specialize in handpainted Jean Jackets, Custom-Orders,Sparkly shirts and an original and witty selection of printed designs on clothing ,etc.

I  travel to  horse shows and fairs setting up my display, and sometimes  at local feed stores and events.

I love being around the horse show world that I know so well..."been there done that". It's my Family! It's what I know.

I believe that laughter is the best medicine A simple quick line drawing of a horse is something I can do blindfolded by now!
Many of my designs have been used as Horse show logos and as illustrations in books and magazine articles.. Stay tuned, there's more to come!

Horse Shows

This is a familiar site at a lot of horse shows!

The amazing Tent of Polly Paintbrush! Inside you will find glittering equestrian designs on Hoodies, T-shirts... and more!

Also you will see glorious handpainted jean jackets  which can be custom ordered to look just like YOUR horse! And Prints and  Coffee Mugs and zillions of T-shirts all with my unique and wonderfully whimsical designs! You are apt to bump into friends you haven't seen in years because my Tent is always the "happening place" wherever I set it up! 


You will also most likely meet "Peggy" my miniature poodle...So come on in...don't be shy!! The Tent is Open almost all the time...just don't come knocking too early in the morning as Polly Paintbrush is the last vendor to close at night!

 Hopefully you'll be able to visit this fantastic travelling show for yourself!



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