Hand Painted Jean Jackets


 Painting a Jean Jackets is one of my favorite things to do ! Far less scary

than a canvas..but just as beautiful! Below are some commissioned works....

"not for sale" because they are already sold !!...but you can have one too!

 I also paint on T Shirts, Hoods, etc.

All you have to do is:

1.) Send me a Jean Jacket in the size you need

         (a flat back panel without a center-seam is best),

2.) Send a picture or two. The photos don't have to be great - that's my job!

3.) Include Instructions,contact information,etc.

Prices vary depending on how much you want painted, and whether or not you want front panels and sleeves, etc.

They start at around $175-$200  but go up depending on  how much you want

on the jacket. Prices are  obviously much less for T's,Hoodies,etc.

Inquiries Invited

All photos returned. Please allow a few weeks.


Cassie Jean Jacket Denim Shirt Back Bucking Bronco Jacket Heirbone Jacket

Custom Jacket Back Shiny New penny Jacket My "Magic" Jacket Summer Fire jacket

Viper Jacket Saddlebred Jacket Tiny Youth Jacket Riva Diva  Jacket

Dog & Cat Jackets Corgi & Horses Jacket Collie Jacket

Oscar Jacket

Minnie Jacket Pretty Palomino Jacket Western Head on Suede Jacket
Screaming Eagles  Jacket Pegasus Jacket Lucky Curve Jacket Winter Painted T Shirt
Alright Already Painted Sweatshirt Americana's Wings jacket Blackie jacket By Request Only jacket

City Gypsy Jacket Copper Fox Jacket w/Ribbon sleeves Front Panels & Sleeves Jacket Ribboned sleeves Jacket
Sarah Lanctot jacket w/ her horses Alex & Doc Painted T shirt Flasher & Dreamer jacket Two Little Doggies Jacket front


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